The Salon and Staff

Owner, Stephen Erwin, opened BLONDER in 2006. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and doing hair for over 15. Stephen has worked since then to create a mix of professionalism with an edgy, modern style.

All Blonder Stylists have their own unique personality and specialize in different hair colors, types and textures. Whatever your hair dilemma may be, we have a stylist for you!

Our Specialties


With so many types of extensions to choose from, it’s hard to weigh the good against the bad.  When it comes to extensions, we only use the best hair quality, color match technology, and bonds or attachments that do not compromise the integrity of your own hair.
Great Lengths provides, by far, the highest quality 100% human hair from around the world. This hair can be purchased only by certified Great Lengths technicians in lengths from 8 inches to 24 inches. The hair is individually bonded to yours using a keratin bond which does not damage your own hair in any way or have a gummy feel as other glue methods. The result of using Great Lengths versus other individually bonded hair extension systems is having natural looking extensions that blend seamlessly with your own hair and allow you to have the length and/or volume that you have always wanted without the damage.

HOTHEADS are a new, unique type of extension system that allow clients to experience longer, thicker, fuller hair with a dramatically quicker installation time. HOTHEADS brand of extensions are non-damaging adhesive weft extensions that are applied without a need for tools or heat. The benefits of this evolved version of the weft include fast installation, simple at home care, and they lay completely flat leaving no tell-tale signs of extensions. The hair is re-usable up to 3 times while still maintaining its fabulous look and feel. *Consultation is required for Extensions

Fine, Blonde Hair

At BLONDER we work with all types of hair, but have made it our mission to create the best blondes. Usually fine and blonde go hand in hand when it comes to hair. We have created a system of bleaching that makes fried bleached hair obsolete.

Our foiling system allows us to get closer to the root of the hair and prevent bleach overlap (the #1 cause of breakage). We have a number of customized treatments to strengthen weak hair or soften and moisturize dry hair. We use acid toners to seal down the cuticle layer of the hair, which makes it silkier, shinier, and retain its vibrancy. Our toners also cut the brassiness out of the blonde leaving you with any shade you prefer from a warm golden to cool platinum.

Brazilian Blowout and Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatments

These days it is almost impossible find to someone who hasn’t done some sort of smoothing treatment. With so many choices how do choose what’s best for your hair…and health?

Brazilian Blowout is hands down the most recognized and at sometimes controversial brand out there. While the Brazilian Blowout tends to cause some mild eye irritation during the service, it has been thoroughly tested and deemed safe if used as the manufacturer specifies. We offer information, provided by Brazilian Blowout, confirming no exposure risk associated with the product (available in Salon). The Brazilian Blowout has revolutionized the way we style our hair. Women who once had to spend hours on their hair now have nearly wash and go strands. In about 90 minutes you can eliminate up to 95% of frizz with results lasting up to 12 weeks.

Coppola Keratin Complex
also offers the elimination of up to 95% of frizz but has slightly longer lasting results usually about 4 months and some clients experienced even longer. With a slightly higher price tag and about 120 minute process the Coppola Keratin can definitely be worth the wait as it works great for those who have a bit more difficult frizz. Also, the Coppola Blonde formula can be activated at a lower heat making it even better for those fragile hair types.